Women's History Month Themed Packet

March is Women's History Month! How do you celebrate Women's History Month in your classroom? This themed resource packet has everything that you need to teach your students about powerful women throughout history who have made their mark on society. Women have always and will always play an important role in our world. March is Women's History Month. Use these resources to teach your students about the brave, bold, and beautiful women (on the inside and out) who have changed the way the world works and how we live today. You will get five cross-curricular activities are best suited for students in grades 2-5. All of the worksheets, directions, and materials lists are included.

Table of Contents

  1. Cereal Box Report
  2. Two Truths, One Lie
  3. Write About A Female Personal Heroine
  4. Math Center Subtraction
  5. Tribute To Marie Curie
  6. Resources

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