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May 8th is Mother's Day. Help students create a cute and thoughtful Mother’s Day gift with this mad libs printable activity, sure to make her special day the best it can be.

This simple and fun Mother’s Day printable helps students to recognize and celebrate their moms and mother figures. Its lovely design means it makes a great gift idea or could easily be incorporated into a Mother’s Day card. As an added bonus, you can also use this Mother's Day activity in your language arts lessons to support your students to identify parts of speech, while creating a Mother's Day gift for their moms.

How To Use This Mother’s Day Mad Libs Printable

This printable makes a great Monther Day writing activity. Students will simply fill in the blanks of this ad-libs worksheet, describing their favorite things about their mothers. They will identify parts of speech, differentiate between adjectives, nouns, and verbs, and expand their vocabulary. For students who need support, you may wish to provide a thesaurus.

Why not print out some extra copies? Some of your students may have stepmothers or want to give a Mother’s Day gift to a caretaker that isn't their mother. This is a great opportunity to support students to see that there are many different types of families and caretakers.

Extension Ideas for Mother’s Day Mad Libs

Combine this activity with these Mother’s Day crafts and DIY gift ideas, to make the perfect keepsake for students to give to their moms. If you’re looking for printable cards, these pop-up heart cards for Valentine’s Day are also a great way for students to say Happy Mother’s Day and show their appreciation.

For more Mother’s Day ideas for language arts, see this Mother’s Day choice board, with Haiku and Mom metaphor activities making for some fun Mother’s Day-themed activities.

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