Grade 3 Holiday Math and Literacy Kit

Grade 3 Holiday Math and Literacy Kit
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A Complete Kit of Fun Holiday Math and Literacy Activities for Grade 3

Build your students’ math and literacy skills throughout the year with fun, engaging, and interactive activities covering 11 key holidays throughout the year, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Earth Day, and Black History Month. With detailed teaching notes, ready-to-use printables, and answers keys, this kit is ideal for setting up math and literacy centers, as well as for arrival activities, small group instruction, table time, and circle time.

What's included?

For teachers
  • Full kit of 11 challenges and activities, including holiday themed math worksheets, printables, and literacy activities for Grade 3
  • Common Core Standards Maps for all activities
  • Detailed, step-by-step teacher notes for each set of activities.
For students
  • Fun, engaging hands-on activities and challenges for celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine's Day, Presidents' Day, Black History Month, St. Patrick's Day, Easter and Earth Day
  • Opportunities for independent work, group challenges or center activities
  • Full color printable worksheets, plus certificates and prize cards for students.

What's Inside?

Common Core Standards Map (pages 3-5)

Halloween Math Activities(pages 6-17)

#1 Escape the Haunted House Math Mystery
  • Teacher Notes
  • Escape the Haunted House Math Mystery Clues 1-3
  • Escape the Haunted House Math Mystery Answer Keys
  • Escape the Haunted House Math Mystery Winners' Certificates
  • Halloween Homework Passes

Thanksgiving Literacy Activities (pages 18-27)

#2 Disguise a Turkey Challenge
  • Teacher Notes
  • Turkey Trouble Comprehension Check
  • Disguise a Turkey Activity
  • Turkey Tale Planning
  • Disguise a Turkey Checklist
  • Disguise a Turkey Challenge Answer Keys
  • Disguise a Turkey Challenge Winners' Certificates
  • Turkey Treat Passes

Christmas Activities (pages 28-44)

#3 The Best Gift Ever
  • Teacher Notes
  • Popular Gifts Activity
  • Design a Toy Activity
  • Create an Advertisement
  • Top Toy Designer Award Certificates
  • Trip to the Toy Factory Passes
#4 Do You Want to Build a Snowman
  • Teacher Notes
  • Snowman Parts Pricelist
  • Do You Want to Build a Snowman? Project Guidelines
  • Snowman Spending Tracker
  • Measuring a Snowman Printable
  • Super Snowman Builder Award Certificates
  • Build a Snowman Passes

Hanukkah Activities (pages 45-57)

#5 Hanukkah Helpers
  • Teacher Notes
  • Hanukkah Information Cards
  • Hanukkah Scavenger Hunt Printable
  • Setting Up for Hanukkah Activity
  • Hanukkah Scavenger Hunt Answer Key
  • Hanukkah Helper Award Certificates
  • A Gift of Gelt Passes

Valentine’s Day Math Activities (58-69)

#6 Valentine’s Day Math Challenge
  • Teacher Notes
  • Mend Broken Hearts Activity
  • Missing Multiples Activity
  • Valentine's Day Riddle
  • Valentine's Day Schedule
  • Valentine’s Day Math Challenge Answer Keys
  • Valentine’s Day Math Challenge Winners' Certificates
  • A Very Special Valentine Passes

Presidents’ Day Activities (pages 70-76)

#7 Presidents’ Day Presentation
  • Teacher Notes
  • President Name Cards
  • President Research Guide
  • Praiseworthy Presenter Award Certificates
  • Presidents' Day Homework Passes

Black History Month Activities (pages 77-85)

#8 Celebrating Black History Month
  • Teacher Notes
  • Black History Month Timeline Activity
  • Important Events in Black History Activity
  • A Picture of History Printable
  • Black History Month Exit Ticket
  • Black History Month Certificates
  • Terrific Timeline Creator Passes

St. Patrick’s Day Activities (pages 86-97)

#9 Design a Leprechaun Trap
  • Teacher Notes
  • How to Catch a Leprechaun Printable
  • Leprechaun Trap Design
  • Planning a St. Patrick's Day Story
  • St. Patrick's Day Story Checklist
  • How to Catch a Leprechaun Answer Key
  • St. Patrick's Day Star Award Certificates
  • Lucky Loot Passes

Easter Math Activities (pages 96-107)

#10 Busy Bunny Math Challenge
  • Teacher Notes
  • Garden of Goodies Activity
  • Carrots for All Activity
  • Egg Decorating
  • Filling Baskets Activity
  • Busy Bunny Math Challenge Answer Keys
  • Busy Bunny Math Challenge Winners' Certificates
  • Busy Bunny Passes

Earth Day Activities (pages 108-177)

#11 Earth Day Carnival
  • Teacher Notes
  • The Wartville Wizard Comprehension Questions
  • Helping the Earth Activity
  • Carnival Game Planning Sheet
  • Carnival Game Rules
  • The Wartville Wizard Comprehension Questions - Answer Key
  • Protector of the Earth Award Certificates
  • Responsible Reuser Passes

TeacherVision Grade 3 Holiday Math and Literacy Kit Sample

TeacherVision Grade 3 Holiday Math and Literacy Kit Sample

TeacherVision Grade 3 Holiday Math and Literacy Kit Sample

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