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Find inspiration for celebrating and recognizing Arbor Day with these Arbor Day activities and lesson ideas. Instill the importance of trees and integrate English Language Arts with activities that target comprehension skills and creative writing.

This printable is from Multicultural Holidays, a book of holiday activities and teaching ideas. It includes a reading comprehension passage on the history and origins of national Arbor Day, beginning in Nebraska, and how traditions of planting trees from around the world have influenced the United States. Explore suggestions for poetry, research, and writing activities for ways to extend students’ learning further and integrate Arbor Day into your lessons.

Activities for Arbor Day

Create comprehension questions on the Arbor Day reading comprehension passage in the printable, or for older students, have them write their own questions with an answer key.

For an independent ELA activity, have students go to the library, or look online, for poems about trees. Have copies for the class to read, then have each student can pick their favorite, copy it onto paper, then illustrate and memorize it.

For an earth science activity, have students research conflicts between rainforest conservationists and the logging industry. Compare both sides of the conflict and discuss.

More Worksheets for Arbor Day

If you’re looking for more Arbor Day worksheets and printables, try this Arbor Day word search printable, or this Arbor Day printable mini-book.

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Excerpted from

Multicultural Holidays
Multicultural Holidays
Teacher Created Resources
This comprehensive book provides background information and related activities for more than 75 holidays throughout the year. It also includes student contracts and culminating activities.
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