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Help students learn about the importance of trees with these printable Arbor Day activities. Choose from the coloring page, or the research worksheets, for individual activities, or combine them to create an Arbor Day-themed mini-book.

The history of Arbor Day goes back to 1872, when J. Sterling Morton established the first Arbor Day in Nebraska. National Arbor Day is now celebrated all around the world. Help students find out more about National Arbor Day celebrations, and learn more about trees, with these printable worksheets.

How To Use These Arbor Day Worksheets

The Arbor Day coloring page is great to use as a cover for students’ Arbor Day mini-books, or as inspiration to create their own. Students could fill the leaves of the tree by writing new vocabulary words all about trees to extend learning further.

The Arbor Day Around the World worksheet is perfect for helping students learn about Arbor Day celebrations and traditions for planting trees in different countries and cultures. Have students carry out research in the area using the Trees That Grow Where I Live worksheet, to find out about types of trees and the parts of a tree.

More Worksheets for Arbor Day

If you’re looking for more printable worksheets and printables for Arbor Day, try this Arbor Day word search, or target reading comprehension and creative writing with these Arbor Day activities.

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