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This Halloween Scary Story Starter writing prompts activity packet is a great way to celebrate Halloween in your classroom while giving your elementary students a fun and festive way to practice their writing.

Just print and cut the story starter cards from the sheets in the packet - they can be printed on any kind of paper, or laminated for use year after year. Each sheet contains 12 ideas and story elements that will form the building blocks of their stories. Use them to motivate your students to create their own original and spooky story.

For some added fun, have a Halloween story read aloud activity with students' finished stories.

What's Included:

  • 48 Scary Story Starter cards, ready to print and laminate;
  • 4 categories of Scary Story Starter cards: main character cards, setting cards, secondary character cards, and theme cards;
  • Each category features twelve choices, and students will choose one card from each category to use in their story;
  • Great for inspiring creativity and getting students to have fun while practicing how to write and create a story.
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