Halloween Safety Tips and Tricks

It's that time of year again! Encourage your kids to enjoy fun and safe trick-or-treating with this collection of Halloween tips and tricks.
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Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

How to Safely Carve a Jack O'Lanterns

  • Only an adult should do the actual carving; children can draw a face and scoop out the pumpkin.
  • Only an adult should light the candle in the pumpkin.
  • Make sure the candle is stable (won't tip over).
  • Make sure the candle won't burn the pumpkin.

How to be Safe Trick or Treating

  • It is especially important this year to accompany your children trick or treating to make sure they are wearing masks the entire time and are following social distancing measures!
  • If older children go trick or treating without parent supervision, set a strict curfew and enforce it!
  • Tell children to avoid even normally friendly neighborhood dogs, who can be startled by children they know in unfamiliar costumes.
  • If your town allows outdoor trick or treating, start early but avoid the evening rush hour. It's harder for motorists to see clearly during twilight than any other time of day!
  • Stay within specific neighborhood boundaries for trick or treating, or go only to homes and neighbors they know and only to houses with the lights on.
  • Have children wear light-colored or reflective clothing by adding strips of reflective tape to the front and back of costumes to make them more visible.
  • Give children flashlights to carry, never candles!
  • Remind children to walk on sidewalks and be cautious when crossing streets.
  • Tell children to turn down all invitations to enter homes. Period.

How to Choose Safe Halloween Costumes

  • Make sure all face paints, glues, and glitters are nontoxic. Be aware of children's allergic reactions to these products.
  • Don't allow children to wear costumes that drag and could make them trip.
  • Don't allow children to carry sharp objects.
  • Check labels to see that all costumes and accessories are flame-resistant.
  • Make sure children can see well and breathe easily through masks. 

How to Enjoy Halloween Candy Safely

  • If your town allows outdoor trick or treating, warn children not to eat any treats before returning home (a filling dinner helps out!).
  • Throw away any homemade treats or any treats with torn or unsealed wrapping.
  • Wash all fruit and cut it open to check for foreign objects before eating.
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