Halloween Math, Reading, and Writing Activities for Middle School

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These four Halloween activities for middle school are perfect for celebrating spooky in your classroom!

They are great for Halloween-themed independent in-class reading or writing assignments, group activities, as extension or early-finisher activities, or given as take-home independent practice work.

This packet includes four writing, reading, and math activities, plus a fun "name the bone" anatomy game, and all of the complementary worksheets needed to complete them.

Students can choose from activities like:

Reading Roll the Dice

A group activity where students roll the dice and take turns answering questions about reading passages.

Word Problem Tic-Tac-Toe

Students compete in games of tac-tac-toe, solving each math word problem on the board before making their mark.

Write a Monster Character Sketch

Individually or with a partner, students research and read about a monster in the list provided. Then they write up a character sketch on the provided worksheet.

Name the Bones

Students play a guessing and labeling game using skeleton printables.
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