Fall Math Activities for Middle School

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Have some festive fun with your students while still covering important areas of math with this packet of fall math activities for middle school grades.

These fun math activities for middle school are standards-aligned and cover important math concepts such as percentages, expressions, and statistics. Each activity has a fall or holiday theme, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Veteran’s Day.

What's Included

  • Contents page with Common Core Standards mapping
  • 9 ready-to-use fall-themed math activity sheets for Grades 6-8
  • Answers or suggested responses for all activities.

Choose From Activities Like

Halloween Candy Math

Below are the 10 weights, in ounces, of bags of Halloween candy. 14, 16, 18, 18, 20, 20, 20, 20 26, 28 What is the mode weight of the bags of Halloween candy? What is the average weight?

Fall Festival Fun

You are at a fall festival. You bought 18 tickets, and each booth requires 3 tickets. a. Write an expression that gives the number of tickets you have left in terms of a, where a is the number of booths you’ve visited. Find another equivalent expression b. 15 - 3a is the number of tickets you have left after you have gone on a rides. How can each of the following numbers and expressions represent tickets and rides? i. 15 ii. -3 iii. 3a

Thanksgiving Pi

Thanksgiving is a time for pumpkin pie. Math also has a different type called pi, or 𝛑 Using what you know about 𝛑, decide which is greater without using a calculator. Explain. a. 3𝛑 or 9 b. -4𝛑 or -12
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