Citing Internet Sources


This lesson will introduce the proper format for citing Internet resources and apply that knowledge to a short exercise. The exercise will require that students find at least two pictures and an audio and/or video file to include in a word-processing document with properly cited sources according to the Guide to Citing Internet Resources.


  • Students will be introduced to the necessity of and the proper format for citing Internet resources, based on MLA documentation style.
  • Students will use the Internet as a research tool.
  • Students will cite the pictorial, audio and/or video sources used to answer their exercise question.



  1. Introduce the concept of citing Internet sources by drawing upon the example of writing bibliographies and citing sources for reports. Tell students that they will be completing a short research project in which they will cite all their sources.
  2. Establish the importance and common courtesy of citing resources by discussing property and then intellectual property. Just as we respect one another's property by not taking it without first asking, we must respect others' ideas and work by not using it without citing the source.
  3. Hand out a copy of the Guide to Citing Internet Resources or bring it up from the Web.
  4. Familiarize students with the various formats for each source.
  5. As a class, perform a search for a piece of information or a picture on the Internet.
  6. Copy the picture or piece of information to the clipboard.
  7. Paste it into a word-processing document.
  8. Cite the Web page where you got the picture or information.
Students learn how to cite sources from the Internet for their essays and papers.
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