Teen Suicide Prevention: Information for Educators

Learn more about SPTS and their philosophy, and get general information about teen suicide prevention and the role of educators.
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Teen Suicide Prevention: Information for Educators

For the past 25 years, members of the clinical advisory board of the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide, Inc. (SPTS) have been providing schools with a number of suicide prevention services, ranging from awareness programs to postvention training. Their approach is built on the premise that school suicide prevention programs are not meant to function as counseling services, but should join all members of the school community together in identifying youths who are at risk for suicide and refer them to appropriate resources. The school is viewed in the context of a "competent community," where all members care about each other's welfare and know how to get help for those in need.

SPTS knows that educators often identify students in their classroom who, for one reason or another, seem vulnerable or at risk. But how do educators know if what they're seeing is part of the normal ups and downs of adolescence, or something more severe?

The strategies they suggest for addressing your concerns as an educator are simple:

  • When you observe changes in a student's behavior, pay attention.
  • If the changes concern you, talk with the student, if you're comfortable doing so.
  • Feel free to consult your school's resources staff about your observations.

Your role in youth suicide prevention is critical — staff who have been educated and have an awareness of youth suicide are a school's greatest prevention resource!

SPTS has developed a two-hour suicide awareness training program. For more information about this and our other training materials, please contact SPTS:

Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide, Inc. (SPTS)
P.O. Box 6835
Freehold, NJ 07728



Suicide Prevention
Provided in partnership with The Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide. The mission of the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide is to reduce the number of youth suicides and attempted suicides by encouraging public awareness through the development and promotion of educational training programs.

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