School Safety Month

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    Teacher Discussion Guide

    Cyber Bullying: A Guide for Teachers

    Use this teacher's guide along with Unfriended by Rachel Vail to discuss cy... read more


    Dealing with Technology in the Classroom

    A primer on new technology that students may be introducing to the classroo... read more

    Themed Packet

    Safety Printables Slideshow

    Ensure that your students understand how they can stay safe, with these fea... read more

    Slideshow Gallery

    Fire Safety & Prevention Slideshow

    Educate students about fire safety and prevention. This slideshow includes ... read more

    Teacher Resources

    Suicide Myths & Facts Quiz

    Test your knowledge of suicide awareness and prevention, and find out if yo... read more


    Teen Suicide Awareness: Statistics

    Learn more about the impact of suicide on today's youth with these statisti... read more


    Teen Suicide Prevention: Warning Signs

    Learn to identify the warning signs exhibited by students who are at a high... read more