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Teach your students how to resolve conflict and help them develop problem-solving and communication skills with this lesson plan of conflict resolution strategies and tools, designed for Kindergarten to Grade 2.

Developing conflict resolution skills is valuable at any age. For students, conflict can arise in and out of the classroom and learning how to develop effective communication to resolve conflict can start as early as Kindergarten. This easy-to-follow lesson plan consists of four conflict resolution activities, including whole-class brainstorms, conflict scenarios, and handouts with useful tools for students to keep and use for conflict management in the future.

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What’s included in this lesson plan?

  • 4 conflict resolution strategies for Kindergarten to 2nd grade students
  • Step-by-step teacher instructions
  • Printable handouts for each activity

How to use this lesson plan

The conflict resolution activities in this lesson plan work well when completed in order, as there is a progression of ideas and students can build a conflict resolution toolkit as they go. The lesson plan is flexible and can be adapted to suit your class. Complete activities gradually over several sessions or in one or two longer sessions. The activities encourage collaboration and discussion of different conflict scenarios, and role-play is a good way to encourage decision-making and practice different ways to solve a conflict. The lesson plan works well for whole-class discussion but also for breaking out into small groups who can then share what they’ve learnt with the rest of the class.

Each activity comes with printable tools for students to keep and use, as well as posters to help follow up and support students with using conflict resolution strategies in the classroom.

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