My Town. . . and Proud of It!

Distribute a printable social studies activity that focuses on identifying community.

FutureFit Activities

Reflect: Researching Your Town

Students will use the My Town worksheet to highlight an area or aspect of their town that they like or are interested in learning more about.

Students will research the area or aspect they chose and then choose a method of presenting their findings. Students may choose a digital presentation, a diorama, a collection of photographs or scrapbook, a research paper or any other method that suits their project.

Finished projects will be showcased in the town library.

Get Going: Community Renewal

For this project, students will either select something in their town that needs fixing, such as an old playground, or highlight something that their town is missing, such as an after-school program.
Students will work in groups to create an action plan for the topic/item of their choice. Action plans should include research on how the fix or new item will benefit the town, what public response would be to the change, how much the change would cost, how long it would take to implement and what the long-term effects would be.

Students will send their action plans to their local council or representative.

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