All About Communities


  • Students will practice creative thinking by applying their knowledge of community to create a quiz.


  • Paper and pencils


  1. Ask students to think of words that have to do with community. A list of such words might include weather, climate, law, goods, services, geography, landform, history, and natural resources. List appropriate suggested words on the chalkboard.

  2. Ask students to take out paper and pencils.

  3. Explain to students that they will create a turned-around quiz, which gives them an opportunity to think creatively and show what they have learned about communities.

  4. Ask students to take turns writing an answer (you might suggest that students use words from the list on the chalkboard) and then writing a possible question that matches the answer.

  5. As an alternative activity, you can supply students with answers and have them create possible questions on their own.
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Students practice creative thinking by applying their knowledge of community to create a quiz.
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