Tlingit Indians of the Pacific Northwest

  • Students will use vocabulary related to the lives of the Tlingit Indians of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Students will appreciate how the natural environment affects the lives of the Tlingit people.
  • Students will recognize how the environment affects their own daily lives.



  1. Introduce key vocabulary: canoe, climate, evergreen, lush, sacred, totem pole, vegetation.
  2. Have students work with partners to complete the Tlingit Indians of the Pacific Northwest worksheet after they visit the website.
  3. Set up a time when students can share the information they discovered.


  • Use students' worksheet responses to evaluate their ability to gather information about the relationship between the Tlingit people and their environment. Assign a point value for each response.
  • Find a variety of assessment techniques to use with this lesson.

Extension Activities

Students learn about the Tlingit Indians of the Pacific Northwest and their special relationship with the natural environment.
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