Old Sturbridge Village


  • Students will use vocabulary related to life in a 19th-century New England town.
  • Students will learn about the geographical layout and architecture in a 19th-century New England town.
  • Students will learn about religion, society, and business in a 19th-century New England town.
  • Students will compare and contrast life in their own community with life in a 19th-century New England town.



  1. Handout Old Sturbridge Village Worksheet.
  2. Go to Old Sturbridge Village Website (http://www.osv.org/explore_learn/village_tour.html).
  3. Click on spots within the map to read about life in this 19th century New England village.
  4. On a piece of drawing paper, draw a village center like the one on the map that includes a house, a church, and a bank.
  5. Next to the house, make notes about the daily life of the people from this village.
  6. Next to the church, make notes about their religion.
  7. Next to the bank, make notes about the businesses and merchants in the village.
  8. Set up a time when students can share the information they discovered.


Use a checklist to assess students' understanding of life in a 19th-century New England village. Assign a point value to each item.

Extension Activities

Students take a tour of 19th-century Sturbridge Village to learn about life in a typical New England town during that period in history.
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