Handling Bullying: A Checklist for Students

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This resource for students includes a 7-item checklist for handling bullying, as well as reflection and response questions designed to help with forming an anti-bullying strategy or responding to a bullying situation. Originally developed for special education, it can easily be used with general populations without modification.

This resource is provided courtesy of Free Spirit Publishing, the leading publisher of positive, practical and pro-kid classroom materials for social-emotional learning, character education, gifted and talented learners, and special education.

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Teaching Strategies:

Excerpted from

Survival Guide for Kids with LD
The Survival Guide for Kids with LD
Rhoda Cummings, Ed.D.

Kids with LD can learn—they just learn differently. Young people labeled with a “learning disability” or “learning disorder” will find a welcome resource in this fully revised and updated survival guide. The book retains the warmth, affirmation, and straightforward approach of earlier editions while incorporating current information about why some kids have LD and what supports are available, including new technologies. It defines different kinds of LD, describes a range of learning aids, helps kids deal with bullying and difficult feelings, suggests ways to make friends, and inspires young people to set goals for the future. Readers will find quizzes, think-about-it questions, stories, and quotes from other kids with LD. A special section discusses how IEPs and 504 Plans help kids with learning difficulties succeed in school. Includes a chapter written to parents and teachers along with resources for kids and adults.

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