5 Steps to Taming That Temper Student Worksheet

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This colorful printable provides students with 5 strategies for self-regulation of anger and attendant behavior to use when they are agitated or annoyed. Focused on physical locus of control, reflective pauses and emotional self-assessment, these tips were developed for use with special education but are applicable to general populations, as well.

This resource is provided courtesy of Free Spirit Publishing, the leading publisher of positive, practical and pro-kid classroom materials for social-emotional learning, character education, gifted and talented learners, and special education.

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Teaching Strategies:

Excerpted from

How to take the GRRRR out of Anger
How to Take the GRRRR Out of Anger

Elizabeth Verdick

Marjorie Lisovskis

Kids need help learning how to manage their anger. Blending solid information and sound advice with humor and lively illustrations, these anger-management tips guide kids to understand that anger is normal and to learn they can express it in healthy ways. The book teaches them how to recognize anger in themselves and others, how to handle situations and emotions (loneliness, guilt, frustration, fear) that lead to or mask anger, and how to deal with the anger they feel.

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