What To Do Sunday To Feel Ready To Teach Monday

The TeacherVision advisory board shares how they spend their Sundays, so they are ready to teach on Monday. If you're experiencing the "Sunday Scaries," this is a must-read for taking back your weekend.

Preparing for Next Work Week - Teacher Sunday Night Blues

Does This Sound Familiar?

It’s Sunday night. You didn’t grade that stack of papers. Your lessons are halfway planned. You aren’t sure what meetings you need to go to, and there are emails to answer.

We need our weekends to rest up and unplug from teaching, so we have energy for our students. I have never met a teacher who didn’t feel at least a little bit overwhelmed Sunday nights.

I asked the TeacherVision advisory board members to share their Sunday night routines and non-negotiables. I hope that they give you some inspiration and encouragement for how to prep for the week to come.

Teacher Tip: Prep Friday So Sunday Is Yours

“My Sunday routine is to do nothing school related! I know it's tempting to rush out as soon as possible on Friday, but I prefer to put in the time then to plan for Monday, make copies, tidy my room, write Monday's date on the board, etc. That way I don't have to go into school over the weekend and I am ready to go when I arrive Monday morning,” --Sara McCarthy.

Teacher Tip: Prioritize With “Must Dos” and “May Dos”

When I was in the classroom, I sat down on Sunday nights and created a to do list for the week. Next to each item I put the phrase, “must do” or “may do” depending on my deadlines and the importance of each item. There was never a week where I got through everything, so this process helped me prioritize and made my to dos more realistic given the time I had to tackle them.

Teacher Tip: Meal Prep

“If I meal prep on Sundays it helps me feel ready for each morning so I'm not rushing to put together a meal and ensures I eat well. When I get hangry I'm a terrible teacher and far less productive!” --Mikaela Prego

Teacher Tip: Plan Your Outfits

Several advisory board members shared that they plan their outfits for the week or at least the first two days on Sunday. When I was teaching I had a drawer just for teaching clothes, and I put together complete outfits, down to the necklace I was going to wear and hung them up in my closet. All I had to do was get dressed, and no time was wasted putting together my outfit.

No time to shop and nothing goes together? Consider trying, Stitch Fix, a styling company that is waiving their fee for teachers. They will style a box of clothes for you, mail it to your door, and you can decide what you want to purchase or send back.

Teacher Tip: Pack Your Bag

“I pack my bag Sunday night for Monday morning. I have a checklist of items that I run through including my computer and graded papers.Rather than rushing around trying to find things, all I have to do is grab my bag and I am ready to go,"--Tara Dusko.

Teacher Tip: Relax Mind, Body, and Spirit 

“Sunday is a time for me to do anything that is selfish; whether it be going to the gym, getting a pedicure, going to an actual movie theater and eating my weight in extra-buttered popcorn and laughing until I cry, going for a long walk around my neighborhood with my fur child "Mr. Chewie", reading for sincere entertainment to keep up with my Book of the Month Club, or napping and binging all of my favorite shows,”-Sara Wiley.

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Julie Mason is the Head of Curriculum and Content for TeacherVision. She taught middle and high school English for eight years, and then worked as an instructional coach, supporting K-12 teachers to blend and personalize their classrooms.

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