One-of-a-Kind Welcome Back Bulletin Boards

A new school year is quickly approaching, and now—more than ever—you want to give a warm welcome as your students return to school. Why not catch their attention with a one-of-a-kind welcome back bulletin board? These boards don’t just make a statement; they are also functional and super fun. If you’re searching for some fresh ideas for the upcoming school year, then read on!

Welcome Back Bulletin Board Ideas

Together is Our Favorite Place to Be

This cute puzzle-inspired welcome back bulletin board is attractive and functional—it requires teamwork in order to be assembled! Prior to the students’ arrival, cut out puzzle pieces (one for each student) from a large roll of paper, ensuring that each piece fits. Once your students arrive, hand them each a puzzle piece and ask them to decorate it in a manner that reflects their unique personality. Encourage them to include some things they like in their piece. Be sure to have students write their name on the piece (and don’t forget to save a piece for you as well!).

One at a time, call up students who have “edge” pieces, and work as a team to strategize and place/space them. You can use push pins to secure the pieces, which will allow for quick adjustments if a piece is in the wrong spot. When a piece is pinned onto the bulletin board, invite students to share what they like and how the piece represents them.

Repeat the process with internal pieces, helping and interjecting along the way so that the placement runs smoothly until all pieces are pushed together. Once the puzzle is complete, you can point out that all the individual pieces fit together to make one unique class!

Positive Impact to Classroom/Students:

  • Social component
  • Interactive
  • Promotes unity and teamwork
  • Incorporates art and individuality

Kindness Grows in Our Class

Using colorful paper, create a garden scene on a large bulletin board, and place the wording “Kindness Grows in Our Class” at the top of the board. Add a sun in the upper corner, and hang flower cutouts with each student’s name on the board as well.

In class, give each student a small plastic zip-lock bag with their name on it. Next, have students moisten a napkin or paper towel and place it inside the bag. Add a lima bean to the bag and seal it tightly. Finally, staple the bags on the bulletin board next to each child’s flower.

Pay attention to the bulletin board over the course of two weeks, adding a spray of water as needed and jotting observations down in a science journal. Watch with your students as the lima bean begins to sprout!

Meanwhile, if you observe an act of kindness from a classmate, you can record the kind act on the flower on the bulletin board. Each student’s goal is to get caught displaying at least 3 acts of kindness in the first month of school!

Positive Impact to Classroom/Students:

  • Science connection
  • Cross-curricular
  • Hands-on
  • Can use for weeks
  • Behavior booster
  • Promotes kindness across the classroom
  • Goal-setting activity

Recipe for a Successful Year

Looking for a delicious welcome back bulletin board idea? Look no further! Both the message and taste of this project will hit the spot! Create an oversized recipe card on the board (leave it blank). Decorate its perimeter with a large spoon, mixing bowl, and other cooking/baking accessories.

Sit with your new group of students and tell them that they need to come up with a recipe for a successful year. Note that they need 5 key ingredients that are each really important, allowing the class to run smoothly for everyone. Engage in a discussion and summarize the top five responses. Students may say things like, “Make sure homework is completed each day,” or “Ask for help when you’re stuck.”

Walk your students to the bulletin board and write down the five ingredients you have settled on. Then, back in the classroom, pull out a 5-ingredient snack that can be easily mixed together while reviewing the recipe for a successful year. Items such as yogurt, granola, chocolate chips, coconut flakes, and cinnamon will hit the spot (just be sure to scope out any food allergies ahead of time to plan accordingly).

This is an easy way to set and remember classroom rules/tips for success.

Positive Impact to Classroom Students:

  • Participation
  • Hands-on connection
  • Democratic classroom setup
  • Creativity
  • Addresses rules/expectations
  • Sets high standards for all

Make your students feel warm and welcome as they re-enter the exciting world of in-person learning. These bulletin boards don't just look pretty; they are multifunctional student activities that will have your classroom bustling with teamwork and fun from the start!

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