An Interview with Health and Life Coach Expert Joanne Mello

TeacherVision Talks expert Joanne Mello runs her own Health and Life Coaching company and talks to us about overcoming depression, diet culture and living your best life.


Joanne Mello is a nurturer by nature. She finds joy in helping others, but she neglected herself when she was raising a young family. When she lost her mother to heart disease, she knew she needed a permanent solution to living healthier. 

TV: Tell Us About Yourself; Where Did It All Start For You?

Joanne: Like many other women, I got stuck in diet culture and tried every fad diet for a quick fix of weight loss, energy and confidence. But, it only left me feeling exhausted and out of control, which led to years of depression.

Fast forward to a family history of high blood pressure, heart disease, and Alzheimer's. When I lost my mother to heart disease, I knew I needed a permanent solution to living healthier.

Then, I discovered habits and how small shifts changed my life.I became certified as a health and life coach. 

I had spent years helping others create healthy smiles as a dental hygienist.  Today as a healthy habits coach, I help women build healthier lives with healthy habits.

TV: What is Healthy Habits with Joanne?

Joanne: At Healthy Habits with Joanne, our no-diet approach busts the myths of eating less and exercising more to improve your health. If that worked, no one would need to diet! Yet, for years we have all been taught that is the only action to take. 

The truth is sugar, stress, and sleep hormones affect your energy, weight, and health. 

My on-one and group coaching programs help clients shift this mindset and create new habits to balance these hormones.

Food is not the enemy; your habits are. 

 Here's what my clients are saying:

"This is a different approach than anything else I have ever tried. I learned much about my habits, relationship with food, and stress."

"I do not have to take a cholesterol drug anymore." 

 "I feel better in my clothes." 

"I feel more energetic. I was sluggish after 4 pm, but now I can crank up at the office until 6pm with full brain power."

"I will never diet again."

" Food is not the enemy; your habits are."

TV: What Key Piece Of Advice Would You Give A Struggling Teacher?

Joanne: The #1 habit of jumpstarting a great day is getting a good night's sleep. This one habit creates a domino effect and can set up your day for success.

Parents prepare their children for bed with habits such as putting on pj's, brushing their teeth, and a bedtime story.

I know as teachers, you can appreciate well-rested students!

But as adults, we watch TV in bed, scroll on our phones, or work on our laptops into the night burning the midnight oil. These habits disrupt your restorative sleep patterns creating an imbalance in your stress and eating hormones.

When you feel tired, it's tough to make healthy decisions. It's almost impossible to resist the energy boost of sugar (processed foods) and caffeine.

Your willpower hasn't failed you: your stress and eating hormones are in control.

You can empower yourself with these simple habits to create your sleep routine to get a good night's sleep.Here are my top 3 to start:

  • Move your phone out of your room or away from your bed.
  • Power off your electronics 30-1 hr. before bed
  • Close your kitchen three hours before bed, which means no late-night snacking!

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