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Updated on: August 24, 2022

TeacherVision Talks is an online series of PD events featuring talks from experienced classroom teachers, education thought leaders, and instructional coaches.

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In recent surveys, our teachers told us that they're looking for self-care support in three key areas: forming and maintaining healthy habits, balancing time and mindfulness, and stress management.

In this series of on-demand webinars, TeacherVision's self-care experts offer insights and tips in these key areas with the aim of promoting teacher well-being and, ultimately, improving teaching and learning for all.

Whether you're entirely new to self-care practice or looking to pick up some new self-care tips and ideas, there's a video for you. And the beauty of our on-demand series is that you can watch our videos at a time that works for you.

Put self-care at the top of your to-do list today. 

On-Demand Webinars Available Now

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Energize Your Day with Healthy Habits and The Science Behind Our Habits

Joanne Mello gives us ideas to implement new habits for better health, while Nicola von Bratt provides tools to begin our journey toward better health and self-care.

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Using Exercise for Self-Care, and Mindfulness and Self-Care for Educators

Pick up new self-care tips and ideas today from Tara Dusko, who is sharing her tricks to incorporating exercise into busy schedules, and Hedi Woods, who explores how mindfulness can support us all.

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Mindfulness and Stress Management, and Five Time Management Tips to Improve Self-Care

Join us today as Kelly Jackson shares time management tips to improve self-care, and Kelly Lefko explores how to avoid stress and burnout, both in the classroom and out.

TeacherVision Talks Speakers

  • Joanne Mello is a health and life coach who specializes in helping people develop habits for health.
  • Nicola Von Bratt is a health coach who helps clients change habits and behavior in the spheres of nutrition, movement, connectedness, self-care, and sleep.
  • Tara Dusko is an educational coach and teacher, specializing in reading instruction. She also runs a blog and shares ways for teachers to destress both in the classroom and at home.
  • Heidi Woods is the Founder and Director of Training of Mindful You - Mindful Me. She is a 2013 Bush Leadership Fellow, TEDx speaker, Occupational Therapist, Children's Yoga Teacher, and Certified Mindfulness Educator.
  • Kailey Lefko holds bachelor's degrees in science and education and is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor. She is a leader in teacher and student wellness and the co-founder of the evidence-based social-emotional learning and mindfulness program for schools, Educalme (developed in response to the rise in anxiety, stress, and burnout in the classroom for both students and teachers).
  • Kelly Jackson is a former teacher and founder of The Simply Organized Teacher. Kelly specializes in helping busy and overwhelmed teachers organize their classrooms and routines.

Looking for resources now to help with teaching stress? Explore our new teacher self-care resource hub.


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