Balancing Your Time During the School Day

Prioritize self-care by balancing your time throughout the school day.

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Teaching Strategies:

As a teacher, you know that prioritizing students’ needs, your work, your personal life, and your well-being during the school year can be difficult, especially during the busy seasons. 

Grading, emails, and lesson planning are a big part of your job and have a heavy impact on your stress and energy levels. Finding ways to create balance throughout the school day is key to keeping your students on track, your work tasks maintained, and your stress levels low. 

Implement Homework Time During Class

Students are also crunched for time, especially those with extracurricular activities and sports after school. Setting aside ten minutes at the end of class for students to get a jumpstart on their homework also allows you to get ahead on your own work as well. Ten minutes a day in each class period adds up! A great way to keep students focused during a homework session is to display a timer and directions for their work time on

Plan Breaks

Find time during class to take a break from work so you and your students can recharge. Vary breaks based on your needs that day. If you’re craving quiet, planning silent reading or a guided meditation can provide time to destress. Silent breaks also allow you to get your own work done. If the classroom needs movement, a brain break like stretching can revitalize a sluggish group. A helpful resource for different breaks is

Step Away from Your Desk

Prioritize your self-care by stepping away from your desk during lunch or a break, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Take a walk, talk to a colleague, listen to music, or spend time journaling. You need time to yourself each day, and if you can find just a few moments to destress before your next class, you will be more effective. 

Balancing your time to account for your own needs as well as others will benefit you in all ways.

By, Anne Nieminski


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