Brain-Based Strategies to Increase Learner Retention

Maximize and optimize working memory with these simple and effective brain-based teacher strategies for the classroom.

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Teaching Strategies:

The goal of utilizing brain-based learning strategies is to maximize time and optimize working memory.

As a teacher, you know that every child learns differently. It’s important that we use different strategies to appeal to all types of learners. Brain-based strategies are teaching methods based on the latest scientific research on how the brain learns.

Use Multisensory Teaching

Multi-sensory teaching means that learners use more than one of their senses when presented with information. Our senses activate different parts of the brain, forming more neural connections for the topic, making it easier to retrieve the information later. Pair silent reading with an audiobook, play instrumental music while students think-pair-share, encourage students to stand or move while learning and working, illustrate concepts, write in shaving cream, create with clay, use manipulatives, and play games!

Try the Protégé Effect

The Protégé Effect is basically learning by teaching. Students teach someone else the content that they have learned. Studies show that learning by teaching results in a deeper and longer-lasting understanding of the material than many other learning strategies. Additional benefits of the Protégé Effect are increased confidence, efficacy, and communication skills.   

Keep it Short & Sweet

When it comes to learning new information, less is more. Although it’s tempting to present a lot of information at once, it’s less effective. Working Memory is the ability to remember, manipulate and use the information for a short period of time. Presenting less information per lesson will aid in deeper and more meaningful learning. Including reflection time at the end of each lesson is a great way to increase memory retention! 


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