Getting to Know You Activities for Middle School

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Get to know your new batch of middle grade students with fun cross-curricular activities!

These get to know you questions for middle schoolers combine math, writing and social studies for the ideal way to establish a positive rapport with your students and build a classroom community.

What’s included:

  • Teacher notes and getting to know you lesson plans
  • Student instructions for each activity
  • Math About Me - an easy and math-based activity
  • Social studies get to know you activities - includes researching and writing about someone they admire from history
  • Ready-to-use printable activities.
About the author

Heather Aulisio


About Heather

Heather Aulisio (B.S., M.S. Ed.) is a 5th grade math and science teacher. She has been teaching in a public school setting for 19 years. Heather has previously taught third… Read more

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