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Take a look inside our printable book "Art & Music (Grades K-6)," with this sneak peek slideshow. With this slideshow, you'll see some of the many art- and music-related activities inside the printable book, including finger puppets, homemade musical instruments, song lyrics, and more!
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Extend students' reading of Alice & Greta, the charming tale of two young witches, with the magic wands they create from this fun arts & crafts activity. You can use this project as a Halloween printable as well!
Celebrate autumn with this printable coloring page from Pumpkins. This Halloween printable craft is a perfect activity for celebrating this favorite October holiday.
Instructions for making a South American flute from PVC tubing.
Drawing an ouroboros dragon is fun and easy with the step-by-step instructions in this printable coloring page from Ralph Masiello's Dragon Drawing Book.
Create a jungle mural just like Curious George did! Use this printable to come up with things to include in the mural.
Children will enjoy coloring the main character from the Katy Duck series in this printable art activity.
Utilize these notes on the influence of Russian folk art and traditional symbols, to extend and enhance students' enjoyment of Pictures at an Exhibition.
Children will solve a riddle and draw their answer to get Dora and Boots across the Troll Bridge, in this printable activity.
Encourage creativity outside the classroom with these printable finger puppets from The Backyardigans. Children will enjoy decorating the characters at home and using the puppets to act out their own stories.
If you enjoyed this slideshow, you'll love what you'll find in printable book! There are many more arts, crafts, and music activities inside. The book is only available to subscribers, so to see more sign up for a free-trial membership today!
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