Disease-Carrying Animals

A list of animals and the diseases they may carry.
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Animals can carry diseases that are harmful to people. Here is a list of animals and the diseases they may carry.

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Disease Symptoms Carrier
Bubonic plague Painful swelling, high fever, body aches Rat, flea
Elephantiasis Rough, thickened skin, body swelling Worms
Lyme disease Rash, fatigue, muscle and joint pain Deer tick
Malaria Chills, weakness, fever, excessive perspiration Mosquito
Plague typhus Fever, skin rashes Flea, lice, chipmunk, prairie dog, squirrel
Rabies Headaches, muscle spasms, convulsions Woodchuck, bat, raccoons
Rocky Mountain spotted fever Chills, fever, rash, leg pain Wood tick
Sleeping sickness Attacks nervous system; results in prolonged sleep Tsetse fly
Trichinosis Vomiting, fever, pain, face swelling Worms in pigs


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