Enrichment activities, web resources, and literature tie-ins related to Sacagawea.
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Updated on: November 6, 2003
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Internet Resources

The Oregon Trail
Grade Levels: Intermediate
All about the Oregon Trail, including the many instances of Native American kindness, and where Lewis and Clark failed.

Biography of Sacagawea
A detailed biography of Sacagawea from PBS.

Books by Judith St. George

Amazing Voyage of the New Orleans
Betsey Ross, Patriot of Philadelphia
Brooklyn Bridge: They Said It Couldn't Be Built
By George, Bloomers
Call Me Margo
Chinese Puzzle of Shag Island
Crazy Horse
Dear Dr. Dell – Your Friend, Helen Keller
Do You See What I See?
Girl with Spunk Halloween Pumpkin Smasher
In the Line of Fire: Presidents' Lives at Stake
In the Shadow of the Bear
John and Abigail Adams: An American Love Story
Mason and Dixon's Line of Fire
Mount Rushmore Story
Mysterious Girl in the Garden
Mystery at St. Martin's
The Panama Canal: Gateway to the World
Shad Are Running
Shadow of the Shaman
So You Want to Be an Inventor?
So You Want to Be President?
To See the Heart: The Life of Sitting Bull
What's Happening to My Junior Year?
White House: Cornerstone of a Nation
Who's Scared? Not Me!

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