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Harriet Tubman 1820-1913
Birthplace: Dorchester County, MD

Harriet Tubman's family worked as slaves on the Brodas plantation. In 1844, Harriet married a free black man, John Tubman. Harriet remained a slave, but she was able to stay in Tubman's cabin at night. In 1849, her worst fears came true when she and her fellow slaves were slated to be sold. Harriet escaped through swamps and woods along the Underground Railroad, settling in Philadelphia. In total, Harriet made 19 trips and freed more than 300 slaves. Harriet was a master of disguise. During the Civil War, Harriet became a spy for the Union army. At the end of the war, Harriet returned to her parents in Auburn where she had helped them to freedom years earlier. During her lifetime Harriet was honored by many people. In 1897, her bravery won her the silver medal bestowed by Queen Victoria.

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