African-American History

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The Souls of Black Folk Teacher's Guide

Study the African American experience with The Souls of Black Folk, a serie... read more

Literature Guide

Why We Can't Wait Teacher's Guide

Begin a chapter-by-chapter study of Why We Can't Wait by Martin Luther King... read more

Literature Guide

Ghetto Cowboy Reading and Activity Guide

Learn about the urban riders of Philadelphia. This printable guide to Ghett... read more


Matching Names of Famous Black Americans

Students match the first and last names of famous black Americans. Then, th... read more


Kwanzaa Terms Matching Activity

Kwanzaa terms and definitions are reviewed in this vocabulary matching acti... read more

Literature Guide

Ellen's Broom Discussion Guide & Activities

Teach young children about the lives of former slaves and their families du... read more


Teaching Guide to Marching for Freedom

This comprehensive teacher's guide to Marching for Freedom: Walk Together, ... read more


Up Close: Thurgood Marshall Discussion Guide

Examine the life and work of Thurgood Marshall—a lawyer and U.S. Supreme Co... read more


Up Close: W.E.B. Dubois Discussion Guide

Study the life and work of civil rights leader W.E.B. Dubois with your stud... read more


Condoleezza Rice

Learn about the life of Condoleezza Rice, who served as U.S. Secretary of S... read more

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