Statistics and Probability Worksheet for 6th Grade Math - Cell Phones

This math worksheet for 5-7 grade features a real-world statistics and probabilityproblem. Students are asked to use the unit passage to respond to reading content and investigate the text in order to find solutions to the problems on the page.Space is provided for students to draw pictures,work out their answers, write equations, show their work, and explain their thinking. This worksheet can be used for 5th through 7th grade math lessons, independent study, or in groups. An answer key is also provided.
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Real-World Math Problem Solving Grade 6
Real World- Math Problem Solving Grade 6
Tracie Heskett

This book presents word problems in a realistic setting. Students dig into the content of each "scenario" as they apply math concepts to solve multiple problems. Each unit is designed to encourage students to read for understanding, revisit content on a variety of levels, and use information as a tool for solving more complex problems.

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