Forces and Motion Labeling Assessment Worksheet for 5th Grade Science

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This 5th grade science worksheet assessment asks students to label and describe 4 types of simple machines that articulate the concepts behind forces and motion. Students will also use the back of the printable to draw and describe their own example of a simple machine. This science worksheet can be differentiated for 4th grade through 6th grade forces and motion lessons.
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Excerpted from

Differentiated Lessons & Assessments: Science Grade 5
Differentiated Lessons & Assessments: Science Grade 5
Julia McMeans

Practical strategies, activities, and assessments help teachers differentiate lessons to meet the individual needs, styles, and abilities of students. Each unit of study includes key concepts, discussion topics, vocabulary, and assessments in addition to a wide range of activities for visual, logical, verbal, musical, and kinesthetic learners. Helpful extras include generic strategies and activities for differentiating lessons and McREL content standards. Topics include Cells; The Human Body; Space; Earth and the Solar System; Properties of Matter; Chemical Changes in Matter; Force and Motion; and Energy

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