Calculators & Geometry Printables Slideshow

This slideshow gives you a sneak peek inside our printable book "Calculators & Geometry (9-12)." The book includes lessons and activities to be used with the graphic calculator, to help your math students practice their geometry skills. This slideshow is just a sampling of all you can find in the printable book!
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Children will learn how to simplify expressions on a graphing calculator with this printable.
Students will learn how to evaluate formulas that include variables on a graphing calculator.
Use this printable to teach children how to set the viewing window on their calculators to better see the functions they graph.
Use this printable to teach children how to solve equations by graphing them on a calculator.
In this printable, children will learn how to graph inequalities on a calculator.
Use this printable to teach students how to verify trigonometric identity by producing identical graphs.
Teach children how to graph trig functions and their inverses with a printable sheet.
In this printable, children will learn how to use counting techniques on a calculator.
Students will solve a system using inverse matrices, with help from this printable.
Students can practice graphing quadratic relations with this printable for graphing calculators.
Did you enjoy this slideshow? See the rest of the printable book now! You'll find many more worksheets for students to practice their geometry and calculator skills. The book is only available to subscribers, so to see more sign up for a free-trial membership today!

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