Teachers’ Toolkit of Teaching Strategies and Templates

Teacher's Toolkit Templates for Classroom Management
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An essential kit of teaching strategies and time-saving templates for teacher development

Looking for ways to get inspired and grow as a teacher? The Teachers’ Toolkit is a must-have collection of teaching strategies and methods, plus printable templates to dip in and out of, selecting whatever you need to enhance your teaching practice. Whether you are a new or veteran teacher, there is plenty in this Toolkit to use, adapt and experiment with in your classroom!

What's Included In This Teaching Kit

The Toolkit contains:
  • 10 sets of teaching tips and printable templates, each centered around a different theme
  • Themes such as formative assessment, icebreakers, classroom management, time management and wellness tips for teachers
  • Teaching notes to accompany each printable teaching resource
  • Simple, quick and evidence-based teaching strategies
  • Creative, engaging and effective approaches to support teachers in middle and high school across all subject areas

What You'll Find Inside

Section 1: Classroom Management (pages 4-5)

  • Teaching Tips

Section 2: Formative Assessment (pages 7-6)

  • Teaching Tips

Section 3: Self-Assessment (pages 8-15)

  • Teaching Notes
  • Self-Assessment Scale
  • Make Your Progress Visible Template
  • Self-Evaluation Form
  • Checklist Template
  • Behavior For Learning Template
  • Learn From Your Mistakes Template

Section 4: Icebreakers (pages 16-24)

  • Teaching Tips
  • Teaching Notes
  • "Get To Know You" Bingo Template
  • Personal Mandala Template
  • Meet Your Match Template
  • What Am I? Template

Section 5: Warm-Ups (pages 25-27)

  • Teaching Notes
  • Pick-and-Mix Warm-Ups

Section 6: Assessments (pages 28-33)

  • Teaching Notes
  • Write It, Draw It Template
  • Topic Master Template
  • Entry and Exit Tickets Template
  • You're the Expert Template
  • 3-2-1 Reflections Template

Section 7: Learning Strategies (pages 34-37)

  • Teaching Notes
  • Retrieval-Practice Mind Map Template
  • Retrieval-Practice Fish Bone Template
  • Concrete Examples Template

Section 8: Growth Mindset for Students (pages 38-43)

  • Teaching Tips
  • Teaching Notes
  • Thinking Strategies Activity
  • Student Goal Setting Template

Section 9: Time Management (pages 44-48)

  • Teaching Tips
  • Teaching Notes
  • Boundaries To-Do List
  • Must Do, May Do Template

Section 10: Self-Care for Teachers

  • Teaching Tips
  • Teaching Notes
  • Self-Talk Record
  • Challenge Your Thoughts Template

Teachers Toolkit Templates for Classroom Management

Teachers Toolkit Templates for Classroom Management

Teachers Toolkit Templates for Classroom Management

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