Mindful Behavior

How can we teach our students to learn how being considerate can improve their relationships? How can we teach students how to communicate their feelings? One of the ways that we can support students to be thoughtful and manage their emotions is through mindful behavior. In this lesson designed for early elementary students by BalancedED Learning, students will learn how they can use mindful behavior to thoughtfully communicate their feelings. Students use the story of Clark the Shark by Bruce Hale and the talking stem "I don’t like it when...it makes me feel" in order to practice mindful behavior. The lesson includes a handout where they can illustrate what mindful behavior looks like.
Updated on: February 22, 2020

BalancED Learning

BalancED Learning provides curriculum and resources to achieve emotional, mental, and physical balance for both students and teachers. Through yoga and mindfulness techniques, the program combines knowledge of body, mind, and emotions to empower students by building self-esteem, teaching social-emotional skills, and constructing community within the classroom.