TeacherVision Talks: Self-Care for Educators Webinar Event - Day 3

TeacherVision Talks is a 3-day webinar event featuring talks from experienced classroom teachers, education thought leaders, and instructional coaches. 

For this series of on-demand webinars, TeacherVision’s self-care experts offer insights and tips in 3 key areas of teacher well-being: forming and maintaining healthy habits, balancing time, and mindfulness and stress management. Day 3 of the webinar series focuses on time management, and avoiding stress and burnout with mindfulness, with talks from teacher and co-founder of Educalme, Kailey Lefko, and founder of The Simply Organized Teacher, Kelly Jackson. 

Read more about the speakers and watch the talks below. To find out more about the self-care webinar event, and the other webinars, visit the TeacherVision Talks page.

Mindfulness and Stress Management

Join Kailey, as she shares how to avoid stress and burnout, using mindfulness as a self-care tool to feel more calm, balanced, and mindful, both in the classroom and out.

Kailey Lefko holds bachelor’s degrees in science and education and is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor. She is a leader in teacher and student wellness and the co-founder of the evidence-based social-emotional learning and mindfulness program for schools, Educalme (developed in response to the rise in anxiety, stress, and burnout in the classroom for both students and teachers).

5 Time Management Tips To Improve Self-Care

Explore a new take on time management, as Kelly uncovers how to strategize lesson planning, optimize lists, schedule time, and use your personal days.

Kelly Jackson is a former teacher and founder of The Simply Organized Teacher. Kelly specializes in helping busy and overwhelmed teachers organize their classrooms and routines.

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