Using Widgets and RSS - Terms of Use

Terms of use for TeacherVision®'s widgets and RSS feeds.
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Using Widgets and RSS - Terms of Use


The widgets and feeds are free of charge for use by individuals andby organizations for commercial and non-commercial use. By downloading a widget or an RSS feed from TeacherVision®, you agree to be bound by the following terms.

All Users

  1. Copyright: The material provided in the widget or feed is protectedby U.S and international copyright law. All material remains theintellectual property of TeacherVision®.

  2. Liability: TeacherVision® assumes no liability for the accuracy of the information in the widget or feed, or for any consequences resulting fromuse of the information therein.

  3. Alteration of Agreement: TeacherVision® may alter the terms of this agreement at any time by changing the contents of this page.

  4. Right to Alter and Terminate Service: TeacherVision® may restrict or terminate your access to this service at any time without liability. TeacherVision® may modify the service at any time at the discretion of TeacherVision®.


TeacherVision® grants to the user the limited right to use the widgets or feeds byrepublishing the information of one or more of them (on public or private websites) subject to the following additional limitations, most notablythe requirement for proper attribution and linking.


  1. Attribution: You must cleary attribute the information toTeacherVision®. You may use any of the channel or item descriptions ortitles that explicity refer to "TeacherVision®." If you wish to use adifferent form of attribution, you must obtain separate explicitpermission for the use of the material from TeacherVision®.

  2. Linking: You must provide links to TeacherVision® for each item of content that you choose to display. You must, at a minimum, use the item link in such a manner that visitors to your site can click on the content of the widget or feed to navigate to the target, either in the same window or in a new window.

  3. Alteration: You may not alter the content of the widget or feed, or fail to display part of the content. If you find errors, please notify TeacherVision® for corrections.

  4. You may not use the widget or feed on any site that displays pornographic material, exploits children, provides instruction on or promotes illegal activities, or is in any way misleading, obscene, defamatory, libelous, or invasive of personal privacy.


  5. You may not transfer these rights to any other party, nor may you act or warrant that you act on behalf of, or as an agent of, TeacherVision® or its parent companies.

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