Story Thieves: Pick the Plot

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Our discussion guide for Story Thieves: Pick the Plot, a book where the reader is in control, contains questions and activities to help guide your lesson. Our pre-reading question provides a great warm-up for students, and also is meant to meet Common Core Standards. The discussion questions will enable students to convey their thought process when reading the novel. The included extended activities will help students compare the characters, write responses, and think critically.
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Excerpted from

Pick the Plot
Story Thieves: Pick the Plot
Author: James Riley

Being able to jump into books used to seem like the greatest thing in the world to Owen Conners. But now Owen’s trapped in a time travel book where readers—that would be you—decide how the story goes. As if that weren’t enough, Owen’s also stuck in a prison for time criminals in a prehistoric era. He’s surrounded by bizarre fellow prisoners, including Kara Dox. How does Kara recognize Owen if they’ve never met before? She seems to think they’re old friends, but that can’t be possible. Still, Kara might just be the only chance Owen has to escape. And he has to find a way out to save his friend Bethany, who’s still in grave danger. Because unless Owen can stop him, Nobody is going to split Bethany into two, separating the fictional and non-fictional worlds forever.

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