A Leader's Guide to the Count on Me Sports Series

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The Count on Me Sports series from Free Spirit Publishing focuses on amazing true stories that highlight generosity, courage, positivity, teamwork and perseverance in sports. Readers will meet athletes from all over the world, and the twenty tales in each book will inspire young readers and show the importance of the core character traits covered. Teachers, parents, and coaches can use this Leader Guide to supplement the stories with discussion questions, writing prompts and individual and group activities. This Leader Guide supplements the following titles in the Count on Me Sports series:

This resource is provided courtesy of Free Spirit Publishing, the leading publisher of positive, practical and pro-kid classroom materials for social-emotional learning, character education, gifted and talented learners, and special education.

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Excerpted from

Count on Me Sports Series from Free Spirit Publishing
Count on Me Sports Series
Brad Herzog

Encourage enthusiasm for reading and inspire positive character development with these powerful stories that highlight character building in sports. The Count on Me: Sports series is a collection of dramatic tales of character in action, bringing together exciting sports history, real-life examples of sports and character, and lively storytelling. Each book features twenty true stories of athletic challenge, triumph, and sometimes heartbreak—all illustrating a positive character trait using a wide variety of historical and contemporary episodes and featuring male and female athletes from around the world. The Count on Me: Sports series demonstrates that character is best defined by the people who display it.

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