Safety Printables Slideshow

Take a look inside our printable book "Safety Activities(Grades K-4)," with this sneak peek slideshow. Ensure that your students understand how they can stay safe, with these featured worksheets, covering everything from cars to weather. This slideshow is just a sampling of all you can find in the printable book!
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Explore an activity that promotes helping others.
Explore an activity that concentrates on ways to be responsible at home.
Students learn about important safety tips.
Help children learn about the dangers of thin ice with this activity.
Help familiarize your students with basic kitchen safety rules.
Students play a bicycle safety board game to learn about being a safe bicycle rider.
Students identify poison ivy plants and complete a word scramble.
Students read a story about a stranger approaching a girl and decide what the girl should do next.
Students become aware of potential backyard dangers by completing sentences about some outdoor risks.
If you enjoyed this slideshow, you'll love what's in the entire printable book! There are plenty more safety activities and worksheets inside. The book is only available to subscribers, so to see more sign up for a free-trial membership today!
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