The Snow Kids

This puppet play is about four snow kids who want to see more of the world.
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The Snow Kids

A Puppet Play by Karl A. Matz

Students can create puppets by drawing Snow Kids and pasting them onto sticks.


(The four puppets are standing still and quiet as snow people do. Gradually, we hear a muffled whisper.)

Bobby: Hey! Hey! Can you guys hear me?

Connie: I hear you. Be quiet. You're a snowkid. You're not supposed to talk!

Bobby: Well, neither are you!

Sanford: You two quit arguing. Someone might hear!

Bobby: I don't care who hears. I'm sick and tired of standing around all day like . . . like . . .

Gina: Like a snowkid?

Bobby: Yeah! I want to be FREE ! I want adventure.

Gina: Adventure? Like what? You're made of snowballs!

Bobby: Well--Don't you ever wonder what's over there?

Sanford: You mean over that hill by that green house?

Bobby: Yeah! I've been standing here for days, freezing my carrot nose off, and just staring at that hill. I'm sick of it. I want to see what's on the other side.

Sanford: But what if it's something dangerous?

Connie: Yeah! There could be something hot that would melt you.

Sanford: Or maybe some water! If you fell in, you'd be slush!

Gina: Do you think you could do it, Bobby?

Bobby: If I could, would you come, too?

Gina: You bet! I'm sick ofjust standing here, too.

Connie: GINA! What are you saying?

Gina: Come on, Connie. Aren't you just a little curious?

Bobby: Well, if you want to go, then let's get started!

Gina: How can we?

Sanford and Connie: You can't!

Bobby: (groaning as if trying to lift something heavy ) UUUHHHHGGGG!

Gina: What are you doing?

Sanford: Stop it, man!

Connie: You're scaring me.


Gina: You moved, Bobby. I saw it!

Bobby: (working hard) You've got to get yourself rolling a little.

Connie: How do you know this?

Bobby: I've done it before!

Connie: (angry) When?

Gina: (thrilled) Yeah! When?

Sanford: I know. It was last night. I. saw you. You went out to the street and back.

Bobby: You could have told on me and you didn't! What a pal!

Sanford: Who would I tell? I'm a snowkid.

Bobby: You've got a point. Well, just a little more. (breaks free) THERE! Here I go! Who's coming?

Gina: ME! UUUUUNNNNNGGGG! 000WWWW! UMPH! I'm free! Bye, Connie! Bye, Sanford! (Bobby disappears)Wait, Bobby! Wait for me!


(Gina disappears following right behind Bobby.)

Sanford: Come on, Connie. Let's go with them.

Connie: But you never know what could happen over there!

Sanford: I know what's going to happen here. We'll stand here until March and turn into a pile of slush, then we'll be gone. That's if some kid doesn't kick us over first. No thanks! I'm leaving.

Connie: Sanford, NO!

Sanford: UUUUMMMMPH! Just -- got -- to -- get -- rolling! UMPH! THERE!

Connie: Sanford, STOP!

Sanford: Bye, Connie! I'm off to see what's on the other side of the hill.

Connie: But what if someone sees you? (Sanford is gone.) Sanford? (long silence). Sanford? Bobby? GINNNNNAAAAAA! Heey, you guys! Wait for me! UUUUUGGGHHHHHHH! How'd they do that? HEY? 00000FFFFFF! HERE I COME! (she disappears)

Excerpted from: Themes and Bulletin Boards Across the Curriculum.
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