Further Questioning of Whateverville Saga - Answer Key

Answer Key.
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Updated on: January 26, 2001

Further Questioning of Whateverville Saga - Answer Key

1. The residents of Whateverville demand that Mayor Wallop use his weather machine to make a mean temperature of 80° for the next 5 days. What should his temperatures be each of those days in order to please them?

The temperature can be 80° every day, or any combination of 5 numbers that add up to 400 because 400 ÷ 5 = 80.



2. If the temperatures for 4 consecutive days were 87°, 82°, 84°, and 70°, what would the temperature on the fifth day be to make an average of 80°?

87 + 82 + 84 + 70 = 323. 400 - 323 = 77°



3. Is it a good idea for Whateverville to have a mean temperature of 80° every week for a whole year?

Opinions will vary, but there will be no seasonal variety.



4. Suppose that after keeping the mean temperature at 80° for several weeks, Mayor Wallop loses control of the machine and plunges the city into a five-day freeze, producing temperatures of 3°, 0°, 10°, 19°, 10°. Organize the data on a number line to find the median, mode, range, and mean.

0°, 3°, 10°, 10°, 19°. Median 10°, Mode 10°, Range 19°, Mean 8.4°

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