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Use these resources to teach about the historical significance of this Jewish holiday and to enjoy Passover activities. Passover begins on the 15th day of Nissan, the first month of the Jewish calendar. It usually takes place in April. Passover is a time to reflect on slavery, redemption, and the strong will of people to persevere: Passover celebrates when God freed the Jews from bondage in Egypt with the leadership of Moses. To commemorate the holiday, we have recipes for cooking kosher treats, printable instructions for making your own Seder plate, and information on the history of the holiday.


Favorite Passover Activities Slideshow
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Paper Seder Plate
Passover, the Jewish Festival of Freedom
Passover Seder Word Scramble
Rabbi Benjamin's Buttons Educator's Guide

Passover Art Activities

Afikomen Art
Passover Freedom Mural
Decoupage Seder Plate
Pillows with Pizzazz

Social Studies Activities

Passover Facts Quiz
Jewish Holidays, 2015-2020

Food & Recipes

Passover Pancakes

Jewish Cultural Resources

The Story of Hanukkah – Videos & Activities
Top 10 Passover Activities
The Holocaust
Celebrations Around the World
The Keeping Quilt
Winter Holidays
Holiday Poems
More Jewish Cultural Resources

Hanukkah Resources

The Story of Hanukkah – Videos & Activities
Winter Holidays
Holiday Poems
Potato Print Wrapping Paper
Israeli Children's Songs
Favorite December Holiday Printables Slideshow, Grades K-4
Hanukkah Classroom Activities Gallery
More Hanukkah Resources for Teachers

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