Passover Activities Themed Packet for Elementary

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For Passover this year, help your students understand the story of Passover and learn about Passover traditions with this printable activities packet.

Whether you’re introducing your students to the Jewish holiday of Passover, or looking for ways to help students learn more about this religious holiday, these 3 printable Passover activities are a great place to start. Explore the history and traditions of this Jewish festival with a reading passage and quiz, a Passover seder plate activity, and a stepwise critical-thinking activity focused on the Passover seder meal.

Passover Worksheets Included In This Packet

Passover reading passage and quiz: Students learn about important traditions that happen before, during, and after the Passover seder meal, including the retelling of the story of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt, and special foods served, such as the matzah (unleavened bread).

Prepare the seder plate: Students learn about the significance and meaning of each item of food included in the Passover seder meal, then create their very own seder plate.

The seder meal: Students learn about the Passover traditions that make up the seder meal with this critical-thinking activity where they must identify the correct order for each step of the seder meal.

Looking for more teaching resources for Passover? For K-2, try this Passover coloring page and seder plate activity, or for older grades, try this choice board of Passover activities and puzzles or this Passover quiz from Infoplease.

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