College/Career Counseling: Joining the Army

Find advice for young people who are thinking about extending their JROTC training after high school.
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College/Career Counseling: Joining the Army

Young people participating in the JROTC have a big decision to make when they graduate from high school: whether to join the Army.

The Army is an excellent way to gain valuable experience, meet people from all walks of life, build leadership skills, and gain exposure to national and global issues. In addition to the financial benefits for college tuition, Army services can help with employment, since employers view experience in the armed services as a big plus.

Many JROTC kids have questions about going straight into the Army after high school, or starting college and enlisting in the Army part-time. Encourage kids to meet with an Army recruiter. A recruiter will be able to describe the different options that are available, the pros and cons of each, and the names of people they can talk with who are already college juniors or seniors.

The option of extending JROTC training after high school gives many young adults a proactive plan for life after graduation, as well as a challenging and rewarding opportunity.

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