Printable Rulers & Protractors Gallery

View this gallery to find a variety of printable rulers and protractors to use in your classroom. These English and metric mathematical instruments will help you develop children's measurement concepts. Use these resources to explore units of measurement – inches, centimeters, and degrees – with your students.
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This measurement printable contains images of a centimeter ruler, an inch ruler, and a protractor. Use these mathematical instruments to measure geometric figures.
Compare the metric and English system of measurement with these printable rulers. This page includes six accurate rulers or varying lengths, marked by inches or centimeters.
Use this 24-centimeter printable ruler to practice measuring with metric units.
Use this 12-inch printable ruler in your study of the English system of measurement.
These printable rulers will help students compare English measurement (inches) to metric measurement (centimeters).
This printable contains a version of the Cuisenaire Angle Ruler that can be cut out. Use this multipurpose measurement tool to help students draw and measure angles.
This printable protractor can be cut out and used by students during geometry class and other math lessons.
Help students understand the meaning of measurement by demonstrating how these diagrams of wedges and degrees are similar to a protractor. Further enhance your math curriculum with more Professional Development Resources for Teaching Measurement, Grades K-5.
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