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Math Teacher Resources

Challenge your students with creative mathematics lessons, printable worksheets, activities, quizzes, and more during Math Education Month (April)—or anytime of the year! Focus on various mathematical themes, such as geometry, algebra, probability and statistics, money, measurement, and more!

Incorporating other subjects—such as art, reading, and science—into your math lessons will help hold your students' interest in the subject. You'll find resources here that are appropriate for whichever grade level you teach.

Common Core Math

Kindergarten Math Practice Worksheets
First Grade Math Practice Worksheets
Second Grade Math Practice Worksheets
Third Grade Math Practice Worksheets
Fourth Grade Math Practice Worksheets
Fifth Grade Math Practice Worksheets

Content Galleries

Top 10 Math Graphic Organizers & Visual Aids (Grades 1-12)
Number Lines & Place-Value Charts Slideshow
Printable Rulers & Protractors Gallery
Math Graphic Organizers Gallery
Money & Finances Printables Gallery
Everyday Math Practice Sheets Slideshow
Multiplication, Division, & Fractions Printables Slideshow
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Printable Worksheets & Activities (K-2)

Daily Math Warm-Ups for Grades 1 & 2 (RSS Feed)
12-Inch Ruler
Blank 100 Grid
Plant Graph
Centimeter Ruler
Isometric Dot Paper
Centimeter Graph Paper
Square-Inch Grid
More Popular Math Printables (K-2)

Printable Worksheets & Activities (3-5)

Daily Math Printables, Grade 4 (Widget)
Daily Math Warm-Ups for Grades 3 & 4 (RSS Feed)
Fraction Strips, Grades 3-5
Centimeter Ruler, Inch Ruler, and Protractor
Table of Measures
Tessellations Worksheets
Money: Printable Dollar Bills
Formulas for Perimeter, Area, and Volume
More Popular Math Printables (3-5)

Printable Worksheets & Activities (6-8)

Daily Math Warm-Ups for Grades 5 & 6 (RSS Feed)
Word Problems: Decision Making (Gr. 6)
Blank Thermometer
World Currencies: Exchange Rate Word Problems
How Does Alcohol Affect the Body?
Our Growing Planet
Rulers: Inches and Centimeters
Line Graph Blank
More Popular Math Printables (6-8)

Printable Worksheets & Activities (9-12)

Puzzles, Puzzles, Puzzles
Rectangular Prism Model
Chart, Three-Column
Picture Graph Blank
Measuring: Liquid Volume
Buy Nothing Day
Creating Circle Graphs
More Popular Math Printables (9-12)

Lesson Plans (K-5)

Understanding Decimal Place Value
Exploring Multiplication Patterns
Explaining How to Make a Bar Graph
Odd and Even Numbers
Finding Equivalent Fractions and Simplest Form
Patterns in Music and Math
More Popular Math Lesson Plans (K-5)

Lesson Plans (6-12)

Investigating Median, Mode, and Mean
Gravity and Weight on Other Planets
Discovering the Magical Pi
Math and Music: Fibonacci Sequence
Numbers and Songs
Classroom Olympic Games
Graphing Pitch
More Popular Math Lesson Plans (6-12)

Graphic Organizers

Blank Bar Graph, Version 1
Homework Checklist
Blank Pictographs
Four Column Chart
KWL Chart (Version 3)
Tally Chart
Horizontal Bar Graph
More Popular Graphic Organizers

Classroom Management

Report Card Comments & Phrases—Math
Spreadsheet Database Form
Time Management Tips for Students (Grades 3-5)
Time Management Tips for Students (Grade 6)
Group Work Log 2
First-Grade Open House
Third-Grade Open House
More Classroom Management Advice

Science Connections

Recycling Word Problems
Weather Graph
Measure Me!
Summer Fun Worksheets
How Can You Make a Thermometer?
The Sunflower
Mathematical Scavenger Hunt Through the Human Body
More Popular Science & Math Resources

Social Studies Connections

The Middle Ages: Medieval Towns Activity Packet
Coordinate Grids (Gr. 3)
Career Survey
Latitude and Longitude
Family Tree: Student Planning Page
John Venn
The Lemonade War Teacher's Guide
More Popular Social Studies & Math Resources

Music Connections

Jazz and Math: Improvisation Permutations
Mozart: Mathematics in Music
Jazz and Math: Rhythmic Innovations
Math and Music: Leonardo of Pisa
More Music & Math Resources

Reading & Language Arts Connections

Lesson Planning Center
Triple Venn Diagram RSS Feeds
Poptropica Teaching Guide: Mythology Island
The Coin Counting Book Activity
Chart, Two-Column
More Popular Reading, Language Arts, & Math Resources

Holiday Fun

Tangram Art
Traceable Calendar Activity
The Measurement Elf
Curious George "Ten Little Monkeys" Song
Top 10 Math Bulletin Boards: Holiday Themed
Designing a Quilt Pattern
Creating Halloween Word Problems
More Holiday Activities

Art Connections

Geometry, Color, and Piet Mondrian
Fraction Quilt Designs
My Daily Timeline
Spring Flowers Are Multiplying
Math/Art Pattern #2
Building with Toothpicks and Marshmallows
Sir Cumference and the First Round Table Activities
More Popular Art & Math Activities

History Connections

If My Calculator Could Talk!
Understanding the Stock Market
Holocaust Facts and Figures
Make an Invention Time Line
Math in the Real World: the Great Wall of China
Measure My Head -- Holocaust Activity
Poptropica Teaching Guide: Time Tangled Island
More History & Math Activities


Writing Expressions
Using Variables: Patterns in Algebra (Gr. 6)
Math Warm-Up 257 for Gr. 3 & 4: Algebra, Patterns & Functions
Math Warm-Up 257 for Gr. 5 & 6: Algebra, Patterns & Functions
More Algebra Teacher Resources


Birthday Party Budget: Excel Exercise
Planning Pyramid for Multi-Level Mathematics Instruction
Money: Decision Making (Gr. 6)
Are All Pennies Created Equal?
More Money Teacher Resources

Measurement & Time

Elementary Mathematics: Measurement
Inches, Feet and Yards (Gr. 2)
A Measurement Hunt
Centimeters and Meters (Gr. 2)
Measuring with Nonstandard Units (Gr. 1)
Clock Face, Grades 3-6
1-cm Square Grid (BLM 8)
More Measurement & Time Teacher Resources

Probability & Statistics

Charts and Graphs: Decision Making (Gr. 6)
Baseball Fun
Using Scatterplots: Patterns in Data (Gr. 6)
Explore Probability (Gr. 2)
Compute Your Grades with Excel
Statistics Printables Slideshow
Whaterverville's Temperatures One Week
More Probability & Statistics Teacher Resources


Inches and Feet (Gr. 2)
Gummy Worm Measurements
Investigate Activity: Estimating and Measuring Mass
Estimating Quotients (Gr. 4)
Estimation in Measurement
More Estimation Teacher Resources

Word Problems

Multiple-Step Word Problems (Addition/Subtraction)
Bar Graph and Word Problems
Customary Units of Capacity (Gr. 5)
Addition: Critical Thinking (Gr. 3)
Word Problems Using Graphs
More Word Problems Teacher Resources

Addition & Subtraction

Multiple Step Problems (Gr. 2)
Write a Number Sentence (Gr. 1)
Shapes: Patterns in Geometry (Gr. 2)
Math Warm-Up 88 for Gr. 1 & 2: Operations
Money Word Problems I
Explore Counting Dimes, Nickels, and Pennies (Gr. 2)
What's My Rule? Tables
More Addition & Subtraction Teacher Resources

Multiplication & Division

Exploring Multiplication Patterns
Increasing Recipe Worksheets- Answer Key
Basketball Scores: Finding Averages
Math Warm-Up 71 for Gr. 5 & 6: Operations
Math and Recipes Worksheet
Multiplication Practice Sheets (Grade 4)
Basketball Multiplication
More Multiplication & Division Teacher Resources

Graphs & Charts

Analyzing Data
Displaying Data
Exploring Making Line Plots (Gr. 4)
Reading Stem-and-Leaf Plots (Gr. 4)
Cylinder Model
More Graphs & Charts Resources for Teachers


Centimeter Ruler, Inch Ruler, and Protractor
Tessellations Worksheets
Isometric Dot Paper
Formulas for Perimeter, Area, and Volume
More Geometry Teacher Resources

Decimals, Fractions, & Percentages

Understanding Decimal Place Value
Fraction Strips, Grades 3-5
Place Value Charts, Lessons & Worksheets, K-5
Finding Equivalent Fractions and Simplest Form
Adding and Subtracting Decimals Using Menus
Fraction Quilt Designs
Increasing Recipe Worksheets- Answer Key
More Decimals, Fractions, & Percentages Teacher Resources

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