2nd Grade Money Worksheets

Use these worksheets to give students practice with using and counting money. These worksheets will focus on word problems, addition, tables, and more to teach your students how to effectively use money.

  • Money Word Problems II

    Have students use mental math to solve most of these money problems, including word problems, horizontal addition, and horizontal subtraction.

  • Money Word Problems III

    Demonstrate how arithmetic is used in realistic situations with these money word problems. Students must choose between addition and subtraction to solve each problem.

  • Money: Dollars and Cents

    Give students practice changing cents into dollars and cents in this math worksheet.

  • Working With Coins I

    To solve these word problems, students compare monetary values, identify coins, add, subtract, and count by 5s and 10s.

  • Working With Coins II

    Students add, subtract, and compare values of coins to solve these math word problems.

  • Adding Money

    In each box, students add dollars and cents to find the total amount of money. There is no regrouping involved in these problems.

  • Dividing by 10 with Dollars & Dimes

    Coins serve as visual aids in this division worksheet. Using the information that one dollar is worth the same as ten dimes, students write number sentences to determine how many dollars there are.

  • Dividing by 3 with Coins

    Give students practice with the division of money. In this worksheet, students divide money equally between three purses and write a number sentence showing their work.

  • Mixed Tables: Chores & Money

    In this multiplication worksheet, students write a number sentence to show how much money the kids will get for their chores.

  • Mixed Tables: Dividing Pennies

    In this division worksheet, students divide 12 pennies equally among the people in each box. They are asked to draw the coins and write the number sentence to show how many coins each person gets.

  • Money Word Problems I

    To solve these money problems, students identify coins, add and subtract money, and practice basic division.

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