1st Grade Money Worksheets

Give your students practice at adding, subtracting and counting money. These activities will help your students learn how to use coins and dollars of different values and how to find their total amount.

  • Adding & Matching Money

    Coins and the value of money are covered in this printable math worksheet. Students match a picture of a coin with its monetary value and add different coins to determine the amount of money in each problem set.

  • Adding Coins

    US coins are pictured in this printable math worksheet. Students must have an understanding of the value of each coin, then they add them up to figure out the total amount of money.

  • Adding Money

    Use a grid to add up the amounts of money shown. Pictures of U.S. coins are included to provide clues, if needed.

  • Calculating the Cost of 2-Dimensional Shapes

    Each shape of price tag in this worksheet is assigned a specific value. Students add the values of the different shapes to determine the cost of each picture.

  • Coins of Equal Value?

    Several coin values are provided on this printable math worksheet; students must circle the coins that add up to the given value. Then, they add up sets of coins to figure out whether the amounts are equal or not.

  • Comparing Money

    Students find the sum of the money pictured and compare values to determine who has the most money. Then, they draw coins in purses to make quantities less than and greater than the price tag pictured.

  • Fill the Coin Purse

    Students determine which U.S. coins are needed to match the amount of change in the purse.

  • Ordering Sums

    After determining the amount of money shown in each problem set, students put the totals in order from greatest to least, or smallest to largest. This money worksheet uses U.S. coins.

  • Real-Life Problems: Add the Postage Stamps

    Using pictures of postage stamps with various values as a guide, students draw stamps on letters that add up to the numbers provided.

  • Real-Life Problems: Fill the Piggy Bank

    Using pictures of U.S. coins as a guide, students determine how many different ways they can add the money to make 30 cents, and "deposit" those coins in the piggy banks.

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